Characteristics Of A Good Horse Betting Player

Many articles have been made on the horses in the sport as well as the types of tracks that they play. One has to wonder what makes the sport so interesting aside from the thrills? perhaps it is they type of players that occupy the betting area that makes it all worthwhile.

As in any game of chance or sport of chance there are many types of players profiles that have been noticed. These profiles normally carry the observations of playing and betting habits of the people themselves. When one sizes up a prospective player and attempts to use the lay system or any other type pf system available, getting to know the persons personality helps in making the correct bet.

Here are some of the most common personality types that can be found on the tracks:

Hard better

The hard better is the type of player that looks for a sure bet all the time. For this type of player, nothing is to be left to chance and the player does all things possible so that the odds are brought down to an absolute minimum.

Quiet analyzer

The quiet analyzer is the type of person that is always checking the numbers on the stats board and always going over the figures needed so that there would always be money left for the succeeding races. The analyzer is one who has developed their own system or is currently using another developed system. When confronted with a loss, the analyzer does not fret or shout out but attempt to make the corrections and notes them down for future use.

Fair Repeater

The fair repeater is a player who takes all races in stride. The fair repeater may not have a system to use and may just play from their gut instinct or feel for the day. These people are the most calm of the bunch for they know that horse betting does have its ups and downs and can take any outcome in stride.

Thrill seeker

The thrill seeker is one who throws caution to the wind when wagering and does not really care what the odds are. Thrill seekers are usually those who don't really care whether or not they win but want the feeling of being able to do what they want, when they want. Most are just along for the ride and do not have anything else to do. Most of them usually have the funds to carry out their undertakings.

Although there may be other types of players, these are the most dominant types of players and it never hurts to know the personalities behind them.