Flaws in the Martingale Betting System

No other gambling strategy is as widely utilized as the Martingale betting system. Yet its popularity does not automatically translate to efficiency. In fact, most winning and successful gamblers avoid using this method at all, for good reason.

To understand the flaws innate in this gambling strategy, one should know the basic concept of the Martingale system.

Applying this gambling strategy to Roulette, the Martingale betting system works in the following way: the player bets according to the unit he or she has set; if the player loses, the amount will be doubled, and subsequently doubled after every succeeding loss. Eventually, according to this betting system, a single win will erase all the losses. This is based on the assumption that the odds are 50/50.

The flaws inherent in a gambling strategy like the Martingale betting system is that the odds on a game like Roulette are not 50/50 because of the presence of a zero or a double zero, which constitute the house edge.

Even assuming, for the sake of argument that the zeros would only tilt the 50/50 odds a little, there is still the problem of betting limits. All casinos today, live or online, have established gambling restrictions on almost all games.

With a limit on the betting, the odds of this gambling strategy working will be severely handicapped. More often than not, you will reach this limit before you can get the chance to recuperate the losses.

This rule applies to not just casinos in Las Vegas or Atlantic City, but even in the Internet. The primary reason for this is to protect the player, but it is not lost on the operators that this regulation also prevents people from using a strategy like the Martingale betting system.

The origin of the Martingale betting system is in mathematical and probability theory, but when it was first used as a gambling strategy is unclear. What is certain is that since the 16th century, gamblers have been using it in various games. Through the years, the system had undergone modifications, some more subsntaitial than others.

If you are new to gambling, you will come across several sites that advocate this technique. But the number of people using it is no indication that it is an effective strategy. As a new player, you might be inclined to try out the Martingale system. You may do so, but only in play money games. Even then you will see the discrepancies and flaws emerge.